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Models in Conflict - Towards a Semantically Enhanced Version Control System for Models papers pdf, Structural and Neurobehavioral Delay in Postnatal Brain Development of Preterm Infants1 papers pdf, High level expression of p27(kip1) and cyclin D1 in some human breast cancer cells: inverse correlation between the expression of p27(kip1) and degree of malignancy in human breast and colorectal cancers. papers pdf, [Autogenic training versus Erickson's analogical technique in treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome]. papers pdf, Phylogenetic study of complete cytochrome b genes in musk deer (genus Moschus) using museum samples. papers pdf, What gas exchange data can tell us about photosynthesis. papers pdf, The small GTP-binding proteins, Rac and Rho, regulate cytoskeletal organization and exocytosis in mast cells by parallel pathways. papers pdf, Theoretical investigation of hydrogen atom transfer in the cytosine-guanine base pair and its coupling with electronic rearrangement. Concerted vs stepwise mechanism. papers pdf, Site selectivity of platinum anticancer therapeutics. papers pdf, Age and sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in Kelantan, North-eastern Malaysia papers pdf, Computing with Heterogeneous Parallel Machines: Advantages and Challenges papers pdf, Methods to elicit experts' beliefs over uncertain quantities: application to a cost effectiveness transition model of negative pressure wound therapy for severe pressure ulceration. papers pdf, Major cytoplasmic membrane protein of Legionella pneumophila, a genus common antigen and member of the hsp 60 family of heat shock proteins, induces protective immunity in a guinea pig model of Legionnaires' disease. papers pdf, Identification and characterization of a small sequence located at two sites on the amplifiable tetracycline resistance plasmid pAMalpha1 in Streptococcus faecalis. papers pdf, Neural integration of movement: role of motor cortex in reaching. papers pdf, A randomized controlled trial of the effect of dietary soy and flaxseed muffins on quality of life and hot flashes during menopause. papers pdf, Ten-year absolute risk of osteoporotic fractures according to BMD T score at menopause: the Danish Osteoporosis Prevention Study. papers pdf, Nanocarriers for the delivery of active ingredients and fractions extracted from natural products used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). papers pdf, Transcriptome-wide analysis of alternative routes for RNA substrates into the exosome complex papers pdf, Challenges and Opportunities in Edge Computing papers pdf, Multi-stable perception balances stability and sensitivity papers pdf, Spin-polarized surface resonances accompanying topological surface state formation papers pdf, Community-based long-term care for older persons with severe and persistent mental illness in an era of managed care. papers pdf, Protein kinase Cδ and c-Abl kinase are required for transforming growth factor β induction of endothelial-mesenchymal transition in vitro. papers pdf, Characterization of a temperate Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophage and its genetic relationship with lytic phages. papers pdf, Astrocytes retain their antioxidant capacity into advanced old age. papers pdf, Ureteric jet Doppler waveform: is it a reliable predictor of vesicoureteric reflux in children? papers pdf, Enhancing traditional behavioral parent training for single mothers of children with ADHD. papers pdf, Early transcriptional responses to mercury: a role for ethylene in mercury-induced stress. papers pdf, Transcript heterogeneity of the human gene for Ca2+-binding protein regucalcin. papers pdf, Catalytic features and crystal structure of a tau class glutathione transferase from Glycine max specifically upregulated in response to soybean mosaic virus infections. papers pdf, The gut hormone peptide YY regulates appetite. papers pdf, Non-invasive localization of P300 sources in normal aging and age-associated memory impairment. papers pdf, Energy-Efficient Digital Predistortion With Lookup Table Training Using Analog Cartesian Feedback papers pdf, Propafenone. A reappraisal of its pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and therapeutic use in cardiac arrhythmias. papers pdf, Evidence of conscious and subconscious olfactory information processing during word encoding: a magnetoencephalographic (MEG) study. papers pdf, Asymptotically optimal circuits for arbitrary n-qubit diagonal comutations papers pdf, QCD in the Infrared with Exact Angular Integrations papers pdf, Motivational interviewing for pediatric obesity: Conceptual issues and evidence review. papers pdf, Reciprocal DNA topoisomerase II cleavage events at 5′-TATTA-3′ sequences in MLL and AF-9 create homologous single-stranded overhangs that anneal to form der(11) and der(9) genomic breakpoint junctions in treatment-related AML without further processing papers pdf, Recent developments in superhydrophobic surfaces and their relevance to marine fouling: a review. papers pdf, Weighted Mse Based Metrics for Characterization of Visual Quality of Image Denoising Methods papers pdf, An in vitro method, based on chewing, to predict resistant starch content in foods allows parallel determination of potentially available starch and dietary fiber. papers pdf, Brood parasites lay eggs matching the appearance of host clutches. papers pdf, A GPU Implementation of Computing Euclidean Distance Map with Efficient Memory Access papers pdf, Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and associated adverse pregnancy and fetal outcomes: a 12-year population-based cohort study. papers pdf, Depletion of T lymphocytes in donor marrow prevents significant graft-versus-host disease in matched allogeneic leukaemic marrow transplant recipients. papers pdf, Distance and similarity measures for dual hesitant fuzzy sets and their applications in pattern recognition papers pdf, Layer-by-layer assembly of all carbon nanotube ultrathin films for electrochemical applications. papers pdf, Motion synthesis and editing in low-dimensional spaces papers pdf, Model-Constrained Optimization Methods for Reduction of Parameterized Large-Scale Systems papers pdf, Fournier's gangrene: report of 20 patients. papers pdf, Factors contributing to variability of quantitative viral PCR results in proficiency testing samples: a multivariate analysis. papers pdf, A WD40 domain cyclophilin interacts with histone H3 and functions in gene repression and organogenesis in Arabidopsis. papers pdf, U.S. outpatient antibiotic prescribing, 2010. papers pdf, C-MYC alterations and association with patient outcome in early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer from the north central cancer treatment group N9831 adjuvant trastuzumab trial. papers pdf, The effect of signal-temporal uncertainty on detection in bursts of noise or a random-frequency complex. papers pdf, Cellular events during scar-free skin regeneration in the spiny mouse, Acomys. papers pdf, Stress and psychiatric disorder in healthcare professionals and hospital staff. papers pdf, Subcellular fractionation of rat liver. papers pdf, Value of FDG-PET in detecting residual or recurrent nonsmall cell lung cancer. papers pdf, Gram-negative endotoxin: an extraordinary lipid with profound effects on eukaryotic signal transduction. papers pdf, The computerized continuous performance task: a new measure of inattention. papers pdf, Menstrual cycle influences on pain and emotion in women with fibromyalgia. papers pdf, Shape Representation by Multiscale Contour Approximation papers pdf, From Prototype to Production: Lessons Learned from the Evolution of an EHR Educational Portal papers pdf, Upper limb loadings of gait with crutches. papers pdf, The effect of photopigment optical density on the color vision of the anomalous trichromat papers pdf, Lower white blood cell counts in elite athletes training for highly aerobic sports papers pdf, Activated protein C resistance in young adults with central retinal vein occlusion. papers pdf, The Complete Determination of the Minimum Distance of Two-Point Codes on a Hermitian Curve papers pdf, Achievement motivation and memory: achievement goals differentially influence immediate and delayed remember-know recognition memory. papers pdf, Processing Group Parameters in the Real-Time Specification for Java papers pdf, Syncytin immunoreactivity in colorectal cancer: potential prognostic impact. papers pdf, Upregulation of microrna‐451 increases the sensitivity of A549 cells to radiotherapy through enhancement of apoptosis papers pdf, Proliferative response and cytokine production of bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells induced by the superantigens staphylococcal enterotoxins and toxic shock syndrome toxin-1. papers pdf, Residual effects of ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) on low level visual processes. papers pdf, Clock control of ultradian respiratory oscillation found during yeast continuous culture. papers pdf, Platelets in tumor progression: a host factor that offers multiple potential targets in the treatment of cancer. papers pdf, Fusobacterium bacteremia: clinical significance and outcomes. papers pdf, Using poly(lactide-co-glycolide) electrospun scaffolds to deliver cultured epithelial cells to the cornea. papers pdf, PolSAR image classification using a semi-supervised classifier based on hypergraph learning papers pdf, The Ideal Structure of Reduced Crossed Products papers pdf, Neuroendocrine cells and neuroendocrine neoplasms of the lung. papers pdf, Space-based visual attention models and object selection: constraints, problems, and possible solutions. papers pdf, Prevalence and associations of epiretinal membranes in latinos: the Los Angeles Latino Eye Study. papers pdf, Anatomical basis of a congenital hearing impairment: basilar papilla dysplasia in the Belgian Waterslager canary. papers pdf, Virtual Workbench Near-Field Virtual Environment System with Applications papers pdf, Social Determinants of Long Lasting Insecticidal Hammock-Use Among the Ra-Glai Ethnic Minority in Vietnam: Implications for Forest Malaria Control papers pdf, The pathogenesis of acute kidney injury and the toxic triangle of oxygen, reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide. papers pdf, Technique for making ZigBee power efficient papers pdf, Diagnosis and laparoscopic management of 11 consecutive cases of cornual ectopic pregnancy papers pdf, 3D in vivo optical coherence tomography based on a low-voltage, large-scan-range 2D MEMS mirror. papers pdf, LH*RS - a highly-available scalable distributed data structure papers pdf, The selective isolation of novel cDNAs encoded by the regions surrounding the human interleukin 4 and 5 genes. papers pdf, Fish Communities and Their Associations with Environmental Variables, Lower San Joaquin River Drainage, California papers pdf, Nuclear factor-(kappa)B modulates the p53 response in neurons exposed to DNA damage. papers pdf, Environmental Accounting for Pollution in the United States Economy papers pdf, Electrical stimulation and visual network plasticity. papers pdf, Analysis and compensation of nonlinearity mismatches in time-interleaved ADC arrays papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf, papers pdf,

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